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Celebrating our 5th year, HAVEN Conference is an amazing story for the founders and for so many blogger/influencers, HAVEN Mavens. 2016 was our 5th year – Wow. WE feel so blessed by all of you and what you all mean to us.

We start the planning process pretty much the month after the conference is over. Seriously, all of a year of planning goes into each conference. We thrive off the excitement that each attendee brings to the table and this is what absolutely picks us UP when we start to have that tinge of dissatisfaction or doubt in how great this next year will be for the attendee.

The planning consists of weekly conference calls to go over session topics, narrowing down speakers, creating new ideas, discussing this year’s theme of decor, FUN events during the conference….Logistics and SOOOOoooo much more. Thank goodness we really like each other – we have a great team, working hard planning 2017!

Planning Events with the Haven Conference

The planning team of Haven conference

Sponsors also play a WONDERFUL role in HAVEN.

Without our sponsors, HAVEN would not be able to continue this influencer education program. With their continued support  – Team Haven can then use resources to plan the best Haven Maven experience possible. They do an extreme amount of planning to bring our

HAVEN Maven an AWESOME experience too!

During the conference, our sponsors do an amazing job of interacting with the attendees. They are interested in you and how you can work with them. If you have not been to one of our conferences, you really should just to see our sponsor’s beautiful booths (and to learn, of course ;)). Every year we are so touched by the support and generosity of the HOME DEPOT, RYOBI, Moen, KREG, Rust-Oleum, BEHR, Quikrete, Liberty Hardware, Simpson Strong Tie, Deco Art, Amy Howard at Home and so many others that have been so loyal to HAVEN.  Please see Rhoda’s post here: http://southernhospitalityblog.com/haven-conference-2016-recap/ As she was very diligent to snap a shot of our Fab sponsors.

Then there are the peeps such as That’s My Letter – Jaimie Costiglio who made our attendee business card board made with supplies donated by Rust-Oleum and Columbia Forest – PureBond (See how great our sponsors are?) with a bit of help from Bower Power this spectacular display was up in no time.

Speakers – Cannot say enough how the RELEVANT materials that our speakers bring to our attendees – can I just let you know how hard they work to make sure the content is going to help you grow and increase as being a business blogger! We are so grateful for the effort and ENERGY our speakers give to our HAVEN Mavens. Truly adds to the HAVEN brand.

This year we had a MAVEN Mentor Program – Our mentors were terrific and the mavens loved them! Some of our mentors made really cute giveaway bags and such for their group of mentees. It was such a joy to see all of the discussions and SMILES in all of the MMM (Maven Mentor Meet UPs)

Haven Hospitality Crew – Now ya’ll this is MY BOOTS on the Ground TEAM! Boy they work hard putting together the 500, YES 500 Swag bags, making sure the AV goes off well and all around EVERYTHING – my HHC is the BEST and HAVEN would not be as special with out them! I don’t have a pic of them 🙁 we are so busy during the conference I must say no time for pics….We will work on this

 I am proud of the branding materials – Our web designer created the logo and Stockdale Design created all of the printed designs. I JUST LOVE LOVE our buttons, programs, cards and Nashville Wraps ribbons. (Bottom photo from Miss Mustard Seed – she was a beginning founder the HAVEN conference, so happy for her successes.)

HEre are some HAVEN Maven 2016 Recaps:









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