About Me




Life is a fun roller coaster – if you allow the curves to straighten out and then lean into the curves when they appear around the next down hill slide….Here is a bit of my personal roller coaster.

While attending Architecture program at The Ohio State University, (enter my love for DIY) God gave me some choices, my first hard curve. I moved down to Georgia and chose to be the best wife and mom, this young lady could be. School was important to me but I was pregnant, ashamed and all that ….while at a local tech school, I found myself in love with horticulture and interior design.

In 2001, I was thrilled to apprentice under a well known interior designer after my youngest daughter went to kindergarten. My next up hill climb came in 2003, I was given an opportunity to re-brand a gift shop as the lead interior designer and buyer for the shop. I hosted several events and a few charity fundraisers through the new shop, Stockdale Design.

Many of my design clients inquired about me planning their special engagements. Life celebrations became more fun and inspiring to me as each one passed. One of my clients asked me to do a corporate Christmas party, transforming an enormous warehouse into a Winter wonderland with décor, entertainment and catering. This was transitional for my career. I took the project on without a doubt in my abilities and worked around the clock for an entire month to put the party together for her employees and families.

It was a smashing hit and that was IT – I was an event planner. On the downhill, you can sometimes expect another curve. In 2010 divorce was immanent and I needed a “real” job. Two sweet gals and their mama needed a very steady and solid income. A dear friend hired me as a meeting manager, utilizing my logistics and hospitality talents. Leaning into the curve, I really did enjoy this position. However, life for me, is not behind a desk.

God comes in, straightening out this curve too. My neighbor introduced me to a woman that blogged about DIY “stuff”. He said – “you do all that and you should blog. She wants to start a conference specific for DIY women bloggers. I told her she should call you and here is her number.” I called her! 2012 was a special year for Stockdale Design, we co-founded the HAVEN Conference, a crazy fun DIY design niche influencer conference.

In 2017, Stockdale Design founded WorkbenchCon, an intense DIY niche conference connecting social influencers with brands and inspiring makers with relevant content to transition their passion into a career.

Stockdale Design incorporates their DIY spirit into all they do with an enthusiasm and resourcefulness, unlike any other event design firm you have ever worked with. We are celebrating and inspiring businesses, along with the marketing & human resources teams – giving them TIME to do what they do by creating a successful, on budget, event to showcase the company’s milestones, holidays and successes.

Bragging Posts from a few happy Stockdale Design clients:

“Being a great partner for brands in meeting our objectives for the event. Kristin is and has gone above and beyond to help us with our space, sessions, and partnerships with other brands and bloggers, which makes it easier for us to prove to our executive team that working with Stockdale Design is a good investment for us.”

“Kristin was extremely helpful and patient with us! She helped provide options and solutions to our needs and requests.”

“The Stockdale Design Group were all BEYOND helpful and accommodating to our team. This meant a lot to EVERYONE.

“Stockdale Design was awesome and very helpful in every way, like Mary Poppins. She had it all together and a bag of tricks.”

“Kristin was amazing! She was very helpful with the planning process and the set up/take down/how the event works, etc.”

“Kristin’s team was so sweet and helpful!”

“Kristin was awesome and very accommodating for our team!”